MPMCSL is built on the wealth creation and management values of the Kingdom of God. We create wealth, meet needs and provide opportunities for members to work.

Featured Benefits

  • Opportunity to save, invest and make profit.
  • Access to Kingdom business principles
  • Access to credit facilities
  • Access to WeShare
  • Access to Green Fresh Commodity Market
  • Discounted prices for DL-Coop Business Centre

Mustard Seed

"Let's nurture the seed to fruition"
Get a seed – Sow it - Watch it grow – See it add value to creation


  • Real Time Information on your personal account.
  • Plan, organize, access and manage your account online.
  • Easy and flexible transactions
  • Unique code to enhance online payments

Investment Opportunities

  • Thrift savings
  • Share capital investment
  • Mustard seed
  • Special Savings
  • Exchanger


Who we are

MPMCSL is the Men of Praise International Fellowship (MPIF) resource hub with experience spanning over a decade.

Through our unique services and products, the MPMCSL helps members to invest wisely in order to meet both domestic and other needs, as well as contribute to the Kingdom expansion project. We deliver results through collaborations and the use of wealth creation principles rooted in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Members through the cooperative have access to credit facilities, capacity building schemes; to support them achieve growth and make profits in their enterprises. We have a lot of testimonies from members to show our impact. We shall continue to do our best to help and provide you with a high-quality services and products.

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Our Products and Services

We provide a broad range of products and services to meet the needs of our members

Savings Product

An investment that has a lot of advantages, it attracts profit in the form of interest and or dividends.


Mustard Seed

A small investment that produces big returns. As a long term investment resources it yields fruit for the benefit of the members.



Project execution and business services product. It attracts profit, provides business credits and counselling services.


Green Fresh Commodity Market

Provision of Consumer Goods and Product to improve members wellbeing. Items are provided organic, fresh and at discounted prices.


DL–Coop Business Centre

We provide high-quality Business centre & support services, Agent banking, Photographing, Conference & Office space facilities.



A product to meet every member’s need. We gather resources together as one indivisible family and share together in the bond of love and unity.



I have benefited twice financially from MPMCSL. First was to access credit facilities to fund my supply business and then another credit that enabled me pay my sons rent. I earnestly, thank God for MPMCSL, it is one of the good things happening to us as MPIF family. Once again, thank you.

John Ikwaibom

I am into business of oil and gas services contract. I got a job from a major oil company and there was no money to do the work even the bank could not finance the contract. I was almost stranded before I approached MPMCSL for loan, I was surprised at the urgency with which my loan application was processed and money disbursed to me at a token of 3% interest. That was how I succeeded in execution of the contract. Thanks to MPMCSL for assisting me and to God be the Glory.

Igbokwe Sylvanus

I have benefited a lot from MPIF COOPERATIVE, the outstanding one is the financial empowerment to start a school. I am grateful to God for MPMCSL.

Rev. Prince Okparaocha

MPMCSL has impacted my Company APPHIAKNOB Triad Limited immeasurably! That the company is still surviving in supply business today is as a result of support from MPMCSL.

Nnamdi Chukwunwike

On two occasions, my company had jobs to execute and we could not get facilities from the banks. When I approach MPMCSL, it quickly extended credit to us, with a minimal interest and with no administrative charge. The short time it took to process it, coupled with efficient customer service are incomparable. I am proud to be a member of MPMCSL

Ugochukwu Enwereuzo

In September, 2014 we received a credit facility from MPMCSL through TEDS to upgrade our school, GMS Eneka. We judiciously used it to acquire additional desks, completed some classrooms, purchased some teaching aids, redesigned and painted the school building. These resulted to increased enrollment in the next term. We thank God for MPMCSL.

Bro. Golden Iwunze

Our Partners

We partner with multiple brands of business to provide our members with all necessary products and services. You can find them below.

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